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About Us

We were rebranded as The Moline Cross in May 2021. Norton Sports Charity Clubhouse is at the heart of The Norton Community. The name is derived from Norton's historical roots. The sense of community spirit is vital to us and lives on in our community clubhouse.

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Meet Kendra

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Kendra Bertram

General Manager

Kendra Bertram has been the General Manager here at the Moline Cross since April 2019. Kendra is responsible for the overall running of the clubhouse and bar. Kendra has many years experience in the industry. She has worked in a range of venues, particularly in Norton and is well known within the community. Kendra is extremely experienced in running restaurants and bars and providing exceptional service to customers. Kendra has previous experience of setting up restaurants and has continued her success with the launch of the new food offering at The Moline Cross.

A 5 Star hygiene rating has been awarded.


Kendra looks forward to welcoming customers old and new. 

Our Story

In 2013, Norton Sports Charity, a charitable company was formed. Norton (Teesside) Sports Complex (as The Charitable Trust had been previously re-named) transferred all its assets to the new Charity. At the same time, a new Community Interest Company (CiC) owned by the new charity was created for the purposes of operating the non-sporting activities on the site. As such, Norton Sports and Leisure Promotions CiC took over responsibility for running the clubhouse activities in 2015. This followed unanimous approval from the members of Norton Sports and Social Club who previously ran these activities. At this point the the newly named CiC@74 was rebranded as a non members clubhouse and bar. The clubhouse was the social hub for the hosted sports clubs along with the general public, offering live sports, snooker and darts facilities. Also providing facilities for functions. In May 2021 the community clubhouse was re-branded following a major refurbishment, as The Moline Cross, a multipurpose venue for drinks, food and events. Find out a little more about why we chose The Moline Cross as our new name below . . .

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Why The Moline Cross?

Symbol of the Community of Norton

The name Moline Cross derives from its shape which resembles a “millrind”, the iron clamp which secures the upper millstone. Moline is the old French word for a mill.


Why this is significant for the community of Norton is that the Moline Cross was used by the 14th century Knight Sir Roger Fulthorpe as his symbol. The Fulthorpe family were from nearby Grindon and had a flour mill hence the use of the moline cross.


Fulthorpe held much land in Norton and was a tenant Knight of the all powerful Bishop of Durham. One of the Bishop’s seats was Stockton Castle and this is where Fulthorpe probably lived.


Knights did not actually pay rent as cash to the Bishop, instead they provided produce such as flour and / or services such as providing a fighting force to defend the country against the Scots (apologies to our present day Scottish friends!).


Knights clad in armour could not be recognised by friend or foe so they used clear symbols to identify themselves. Symbols also indicated Knights’ presence to the Bishop, confirming that they were delivering to their commitments.


The sight of the moline cross confirmed that Fulthorpe (and Norton in particular) was playing his/its part in the deal.


The forbears of what is now Norton Sports Charity adopted the Moline Cross as the logo for the charity to reflect that it symbolises the community of Norton coming together and doing whatever we need to do to support our community.


Many of the hosted clubs at the complex have also incorporated the moline cross into their logos and we reckon Sir Roger Fulthorpe would find it amusing that the community of Norton are once again taking the symbol ‘into battle’ as they play their sporting contests against the various oppositions.


This building is dedicated to supporting the community of Norton. It provides clubhouse facilities for the various hosted clubs, it provides space for community groups to operate and it provides a venue for social interaction both general and specific such as family celebrations.


It is more than obvious why we choose to name it after the historic symbol of the community of Norton – The Moline Cross.

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