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Remembrance service 2021

A day to remember

On Saturday 13th November we held our children’s remembrance service. We had an absolutely amazing day which was attended by a fantastic amount of people from the local and surrounding community. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our fallen heroes along with our living veterans for giving their service to our country.

We were joined by a local veteran who experienced the full extent of war, and is an example of exactly why we celebrate remembrance, thanks to Gary Walsh Photography for taking some amazing photographs.

The children who took part in the service were amazing and a credit to their schools and organisations of which there are too many to mention. Another big thank you goes out to everyone involved in organising and helping with the event in order to make it a success.

If anyone who was not able to attend and would like to see our beautiful poppy display, it will be on show until Wednesday 17th November, otherwise have a look at the images in our gallery.

A local hero

This is Bob Brown, he is 101 years old. In 1939 at the age of 19 he joined the RAF. He was shot down flying over Germany and spent 4 years in POW camps. He never lost hope, although his optimism was sometimes strained. If he was down in the dumps a friend would say oh stop bellyaching Browny .... Bob will be 102 in February.


Have a look at the pages on our website to see what other events we have coming up soon, including our Christmas wreath making and Christmas Fayre.

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